September 17, 2013

Pigskin Parties...

I grew up watching football with my family.  I think I've told these stories before, but basically before the days of satellite tv, my dad would pick us up from Sunday School and take us to a hole-in-the-wall Steelers bar (picture bras hanging over the door and people drinking from a boot each time the Steelers scored).  Later, we moved on from that bar to hosting weekly Steelers viewing parties at our house.  When I went away to college, my boyfriend at the time and I would go to a Buffalo Wild Wings every week in order to see the Steelers.  And once I returned home (as in VB), I would meet my family members somewhere locally each week for Steelers Sunday...a tradition we continue now with the boys.
Football, for me, is something I truly enjoy.  When fall rolls around and football kicks off, I am not one of those wives begrudging my hubby's relentless fantasy football talks or Sundays spent huddled in front of the tv.  Instead, I am right there with him (at least in theory...Josh actually watches the Falcons at a local bar each week, while the boys and I meet my family for the Steelers).
This past weekend was football filled in our household.  And for me, was just about perfect!
Saturday was ODU's (a college in Norfolk...about 15 minutes from our house) home opener.  We have been season ticket holders ever since the football program started 5 years ago.  Over those 5 years, one thing has become abundantly clear: as much as I enjoy a good football game, I enjoy a good tailgate even more!  And now, so do the boys.  Good friends, good food, a little bit of ladderball...what's not to love?!?
On a side note, when we first started tailgating five years ago, there were no children, although I was pregnant with Colton.  Now, there are four...with another on the way.  I love that these kids are going to grow up doing this together each Saturday in the fall!

As the years have gone by as well, it is fun to watch how much more involved the boys get in the actual game, particularly Colton.  He may not understand the rules quite yet, but he is very enthusiastic about cheering for Big Blue (or Big Ben on Sundays).

The Steelers game this week wasn't until Monday night, so my sister was kind enough to come over and watch the boys giving Josh and I the rare opportunity to have a much-needed day date spent doing what else?!?  Watching football, of his weekly Falcons-viewing spot.  We took a horrible photo while there, but I won't bother to torture you with it!  
So overall it was a pretty football-filled weekend, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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