February 20, 2013

House Tour 2013

Three years ago today, Josh, Chipper, and I moved into our current house.  I was very, very pregnant with Colton (he arrived about a month later), but we would have never guessed then that our house would be the bustle of activity that it is currently!  This house has been good to us...
With that being said, though, we're starting to outgrow it.  Certain spaces are perpetually messy because I just don't know where else to put the stuff (as you'll soon see)!  Plus, I'm starting to get the decorating itch again...most of the spaces were primarily done when we first moved in and my tastes have changed since then.  I doubt I'll take the time (or be allowed to spend the money) to completely redo them, but hopefully some small changes will occur.  
Each year, I've done a little house tour complete with projects completed and upcoming goals, so I figured I'd continue the tradition.  Let's get started, shall we?
Front of the house (which sadly looks worse and has the same goals as last year...really need to get on this!):

Accomplished: nada, in fact I think we've regressed!  flag broke in a storm, and shrubs have died:(
Goals: total redo...need professional landscaping help, new house numbers, new porch light, shutters

Accomplished: gallery wall "completed," bench, mail baskets hung although you can't see them
Goals: new console table 
Dining Room (which is to the right as you walk in)

Accomplished: runner
Goals: room needs a facelift...the bold color scheme just doesn't fit with the rest of our house, and seriously we need to replace that fan with a chandelier (I've been saying that from the day we moved in)
As you walk in from the dining room or entry, you'll hit the kitchen where we actually had a lot of progress...woo hoo:

Accomplished: ISLAND!, decor updates, shelving solution between cabinets
Goals: nipple lighting fixes
And continuing on from the kitchen, you enter the living room:

Accomplished: art above bar
Goals: new lamps, lighter/brighter accessories, curtains
And if you were to keep going, you 'd end up out back, home of our screened in porch:

Accomplished: total redo...artwork, pillows, console, accessories
Goals: some of the artwork needs refreshing, tv in place of leaning shelf
And finally the back yard:

Accomplished: Little Tikes catalog compilation (sarcastic, but seriously could we have any more junk!), hammock
Goals: real play set for the boys, some sort of storage for all that stuff!

Going back to the kitchen, if you go left, you'll get to Levi's room (which pretty much looks exactly like it did last year!):

Accomplished: got it messy and lived in!, added one-year portrait pictures
Goals: turning it into a big boy room eventually
Across from Levi's room is the boys' bathroom (pardon the horrible lighting...there is no natural light in there!):

Accomplished: new sunburst mirror
Goals: new rug, possible paint color switch, art updates
And beyond that is our bedroom:
Accomplished: boys' portraits hung
Goals: new end tables, new bedding (but that's probably a pipe dream!)
And our master bathroom:
Accomplished: total redoAcc...stencil, bath curtain, accessories
goals: new towel storage unit
OK, let's go back to the kitchen and go right this time.  There we'll find Colton's room:

Accomplished: nothing I can think of
Goals: again, nothing I can think of...hallelujah!
Across from Colton's room is a bathroom:

Accomplished: nada
Goal: in desperate need of a total redo...this remains the only room in our house that I haven't touched!
Down the hall is our mud room:
Accomplished: zero
Goal: clean it up!, outdoor toy storage by door, replace blinds with roman shade
Across from that is our laundry room:

Accomplished: a few clean ups
Goals: another clean up (or two)...get rid of fridge once and for all, change paint color, accessories
And finally, we have our play room:

Accomplished: train table
Goals: new tv, smaller desk, toy organization system
So there we have it...our house, the 2013 version.    Can't wait to see what it looks like in another 12 months!


  1. Your house looks cozy on the outside, but you do have a lot of rooms inside. 4 bed 2.5 bath and a sunroom? Nice.

  2. Don't beat yourself up on the goals, looks AWESOME to me!!


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