March 6, 2016

Levi is FORE!

Back in January, our boy turned four and had a very specific request for a golf party. Of course, we had to make this dream a reality for him (especially after I realized the whole four/fore pun!), but finding a place for a golf Va. Beach in January...had me a little stressed out. After researching every option I could think of, the obvious hit me.
We have been members of our JCC for years and on site, they have a putt putt course. I figured if we coupled that with some gymnasium golf-themed games the outside time would be limited and we could give my boy the golf party he requested.
The kids started out in the party room decorating their own visors.

After they were done/everyone had arrived, we headed down to the gym for some games: putting relays, pool noodle golf, and some target practice. Most of the kids seemed to really enjoy it, except the birthday boy who got frustrated he wasn't winning and then wanted nothing to do with them.

But luckily Levi's day was saved when it was time to head outside for putt putt. And even more luckily, the weather was a near-perfect 60 degrees, a rarity for January here! So everyone enjoyed an amazing afternoon on the course. I later commented to Josh that with how nice it was, we could have gotten away with just the putt putt, but he appropriately pointed out that it wouldn't have held the kids' attention long enough.

So with the activity portion out of the way, it was time to have lunch. I love a good theme, so obviously we had to oblige. If you can't read the signs, we had chip shots (chips), fruit par-faits (a fruit tray...I was originally going to do layered fruit cups to make them more of a parfait, but scratched the idea day of because it just seemed like more effort than it was worth!), club sandwiches (just turkey and ham sandwiches from local favorite Taste Unlimited), and peanut putters and jellies (uncrustables). 

And then, of course, we had to have cake! Levi had specifically requested cupcakes which was great because we were able to do these super cute golf ones (the balls are just white sixlets).

And with that, Levi's fourth birthday was a wrap. As part of the birthday party package, the JCC provided some basic goody bags for the kids, but we also gave out some golf clubs I found at the dollar store a few months back.
Oh, and if you've made it this far, you've caught glimpses of the decorations, but I would be remiss if I didn't properly show them. Admittedly, this wasn't my best decorated party! Another thing the JCC provided was the plastic table cloths. My OCD party brain had a very hard time just accepting them and not buying my own prettier ones, but I had to put some stuff on the tables to spiff them up some. My parents live on a golf course, and my mom (who happens to be her own breed of OCD) likes to find golf balls, so the buckets were easy to fill and and obvious choice for decor! The green grass is a paper version I ordered from Amazon. We scattered some more golf balls and some tees along it. And the golf cart was a too-cute-to-pass-up find from Hobby Lobby. 

The only other decoration was Levi's "happy birthday" banner. I must say it was my favorite element. I made it by attaching moss to chipboard pennants, and then using sticker letters to spell out the words.
So there it is...Levi's fourth birthday golfing extravaganza. Don't worry...he's already starting to come up with ideas of what he wants next year (who's son is he?!?).

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