Meet the Housewife

Welcome to our little life.  It all started a few years ago when a girl walked into a TGI Fridays for an after dinner drink with a friend.  Said girl sat down next to a boy who had some delicious looking food on his plate (and he happened to be pretty cute).  Girl asked boy about his food...well cause she really likes to eat...and the rest, as they say is history.  Flash forward a few years...boy (Josh) and girl (me, Michelle) had a beautiful wedding. 
We bought our first house and got our first child, Chipper

 A first grade teacher by profession, I spent the bulk of my free time becoming the modern housewife.  I stalked home decor blogs for cheap, quick (and not so quick) home updates.  I cooked nightly meals and occasional treats.  I planned countless parties in our humble abode.  Life was cranking right along blissfully, and then we got our most fantastic present: our baby boy, Colton.
Our little townhouse was no longer big enough, so we bought ourselves a new house for our little family of 4 to grow up in.  That was the plan, anyway, but then we found out we were pregnant again.  We added our second beautiful baby boy to this chaos earlier this year.

   I left teaching to stay home and be the best mommy, wife, and me I can be.  Our life is busy and hectic, but I love it.  I am certainly no Martha Stewart, Donna Reed, or any other stereotypical housewife, but I'm doing the best I can!  
I started blogging because I wanted an adult outlet.  I love living my life and documenting it.  I love that this blog keeps me motivated to keep trying new things.  And I mostly love getting other people's feedback, both positive and negative. 
So sit back, read a little, and feel free to comment:)