August 31, 2010

Pillow Talk

A few days ago, I posted about some possible new pillows for our living room. Alas, days later, I have a new direction in mind (I told you I am pretty restless). As I was catching up on my reality tv, there was a preview commercial for a reunion special with The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and aaahhh...inspiration:

No, not the crazy yelling...the pillows! I have loved those pillows, or at least these VERY similar ones from West Elm for several years now. In fact, they have been on my Christmas/Channukah/birthday list for the last couple of years, but no one has taken the bait. To make this even better, the reunion couches have the pillows paired with some tealish pillows (two of which I currently own!), and I'm thinking some of my favorite apple green will only enhance the effect. I had written off these pillows because I thought they would be too dark with brown couches, but now I don't think loooks fresh, sophisticated, fun...right?

I'm just about ready to take the plunge (it's currently free shipping and all), but am still a little hesitant. As much as I love my trashy reality tv, is it really something to draw inspiration from? I mean, especially the New Jersey housewives, who, though I happen to enjoy watching, but wouldn't say they are my style icons.

Help me out people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you think. I would love to know who, if anyone:), is actually reading this thing!


  1. If you get the zebra pillows and pair them with the teal, then it will look like Colton's room :) I like the fun pillows and them combined with a color. Just get it over with so you can smile when the box arrives :)

  2. I am currently watching the reunion and think those pillows would look GREAT on your couches and I agree they look a lot more sophisticated then the ones you have now.

  3. Love the pillows! Go for it...espically with free shipping!!!


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