February 21, 2013

Birthday Wish List

As Colton is now apt to remind you (yep, I've trained him well), my birthday (and his) are both quickly approaching.  In fact, my big day is less than a month away!
I'm not one of those people who fret about birthdays and getting another year older.  Actually, I welcome them.  After all, I'm here, I'm healthy, I'm happy...what more could I ask for?!?  Plus, it's a whole day that's devoted just to me and people going out of their way to make it special!
As much as I love my birthday, I don't like actually asking for anything.  I like for Josh and the boys, and anyone else who may wish, to surprise me.  But I've found that sometimes people need a bit of help (at least if I want to get stuff I actually want!).  SO...to remedy the situation, I've decided to post a little wish list here and then anyone who really cares to can consult it.  How convenient, right?
Got your credit cards ready?  Here we go...
1.  West Elm capiz chandelier...been begging for it about 3 years!
                                                     Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant - White
2.  Stackable birthstone rings...one with Josh and mine and another with the boys
Custom Gemstone Mini Stack Ring
via oliveandbungalow.com
3.  Landscape design consult.  That sound so lame, but our front is in serious need of some landscaping help.  I tried to do it myself a couple of years ago, but it hasn't exactly thrived.  I don't mind doing the work myself (in fact, I kind of enjoy that sort of thing!), BUT I need someone to tell me exactly what to do!
4.  A new wallet...mine has taken quite the beating with the boys cups and stuff spilling on it!  Plus, how pretty is this?!?
                                                tudor city stacy
5.  Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!  But I'm picky...and I like to try on...so gift cards are probably best (bevello, Franscescas, Loft, Nordstrom, even Anthropologie)!

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  1. Oh I love that wallet, so pretty!! I hope you get all the things you want for your bday!!


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