February 22, 2013

Stuck Inside!?! (again...)

In the past 13 months or so, I have learned many lessons about begin a mom to two boys.  Primarily, though, I have learned that boys are active.  I take that back.  One boy is active.  Two boys, especially two mobile boys together, are chaos, energy, and noise.  And to that end, I've learned that outside time is a boys' mother's sanity.  Unfortunately, though, winter doesn't always cooperate.  And when we have been forced inside for days on end, mommy has to get creative with ways to keep those very active boys occupied.
About a month ago, I shared some things that we had already done.  But winter still isn't over unfortunately (anyone else counting down the days until spring!?!), so we've had to come up with more activities.  I figured I'd share in case you're in the same boat:
1. Baking Soda Art...I have Pinterest to thank for this one!  Levi couldn't really participate quite yet, but Colton LOVED this...it even held his attention for 15 minutes or so (about 14 minutes more than usual).  If you're unfamiliar with it, you put down baking soda on a pan.  Then, you dye small amounts of vinegar with food coloring.  Give your kid a medicine dropper and watch their amazement as the bubbles start.  I must admit I was pretty into it too!

2.  We built a (very basic) fort.  This time, Levi was very much a participant.  And Colton brought all his friends along with him to get in on the action.

3.  We filled a big ole tub with Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and some cups, bowls, shovels, funnels, etc.  And then the boys went to town scooping, pouring, filling (and eating).  In a moment of genius, I put down a cheapo plastic tablecloth before they got started and made them stay on the brown.  When we were done, I just threw out the tablecloth which made clean up a breeze...otherwise, I'd probably still be picking Fruit Loops off the kitchen floor.

And if you know me, you know I can't stay home all day, so we've also managed to take advantage of some of our area's toddler-friendly indoor fun.  We've hit up the bounce house on the regular, done the Field House (one of those big ole indoor jungle gyms), gone to friends' houses for play dates, visited the library, the Children's Museum, Aquarium, and I even convinced my sister to take the boys bowling with me one day...

As much as I hate winter, it's actually been fairly enjoyable.  But as March approaches, I feel myself already getting excited for those warmer temps, sunny days, and afternoons spent outside...fingers crossed it's not too far away!!!

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