February 19, 2013

Our Long Weekend

This weekend, Josh, the boys, and I  packed our bags and headed for sunny and warm Ft. Lauderdale.  Luckily, we weren't really there to soak in the rays and warmth because Florida was seriously lacking in both over our stay!  Instead, we were there to see my grandfather (and some other family members), and that part of the trip was a big success!  But let's rewind a bit, and start at the beginning...all the way back to Wednesday night:
Since we would be travelling on Valentine's Day, I had just assumed Josh and I wouldn't do anything to commemorate it, especially since neither of us really make a huge deal out of the holiday even on a normal year.  But Josh surprised me by making reservations at one of our favorites (Steinhiblers...a Va. Beach landmark if you haven't been) and getting his mom to babysit for a couple hours so we could sneak out to celebrate.  It was so nice to be out by ourselves (and much needed after the weeks of stress Levi has been putting on us, mainly me, by not napping) and a nice break before the chaos of the weekend got started!

Josh paying the bill...he's taking it really seriously, huh?!?
Thursday morning (actual Valentine's Day), we woke up a little early and got the boys ready for their big day of travel.  Before we left, we gave them their Valentines/travel goody bags and balloons.  I don't know if I've trained them well, or if all toddlers react the same way, or what, but my boys have a way of making you feel like you've given them a pot of gold whenever you give them anything.  Their excitement makes me want to spoil them rotten!
he did that half unzip in his sleep...

And yes, in case you're wondering, Josh and I did exchange gifts.  I try to keep my Valentine's purchase as minimal as possible considering I don't actually earn an income.  Instead of spending money, I try to come up with something meaningful in another way.  This year I came up with what looked like a typical heart candy box.  But I got all creative (prepared to be wowed...) and took out about half of the chocolates and replaced them with "coupons" for things I knew my husband would be excited about: a duty-free night, a weekend to sleep in (we usually split the days), dinner at his choice (even if it means a chain on a weekend night...I typically have major issue with that!), a day of golf, etc.  Oh, and I got a massage...well, a gift card for a massage...so excited to use that sucker!

So back to our travels.  Thursday ended up being a pretty hellacious travel day.  For one, we left our house at 7AM and didn't arrive at my grandfather's until after 6PM!  On top of that, we hit some pretty major turbulence on both our flights...I may have literally screamed on our first flight when the plane suddenly dipped, shook, and tilted.  With all that, our little Levi was fighting his sleep big time and was noisy, squirmy, and altogether frustrating, especially on the last leg of the flight.  Oh, and for added bonus points,  the lady sitting next to my mom (who was with us...along with my dad) on our flight from Atlanta started throwing up.  AND when we finally did get to Ft. Lauderdale, it was monsooning and we sat in traffic on the highway for quite some time.  Not that you can tell any of that from his picture:

Those goody bags we so smartly packed (plus my parents brought the boys each one as well) certainly did their job entertaining Colton:

When we finally got to Papa's house, we headed to his country club bar/restaurant (appropriately named Chippers...Colton was very excited (that's our dog's name in case you're not in the loop)) for dinner.  The boys have heard a lot about their Big Papa (that's what we call him, since my dad is Papa to them), but it melted my heart to watch them really get to know him, especially as they played with his mezzuzah necklace just as I used to do as a little girl.
Friday the boys, Josh, and I got out for breakfast while we waited for everyone else.  Only in Florida would they tie a bagel to a high chair...GENIUS!

That afternoon was rainy and nasty, so we met my cousins (and my cousin's baby girl who is only 5 days younger than Levi) to do a little shopping, playing in the coolest contraption Colton had ever seen, and lunch eating at the Rainforest Cafe.  The boys couldn't get over the fishies, thunderstorms, and frog drinks.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to get another bagel (are you understanding yet that we do A LOT of eating while in Florida!) and ended up having an impromptu picnic in our rented mini van...

After getting lunch out, we headed next door to see the puppies.  Both my boys adore doggies (in fact, "dog" was Colton's first word and Levi's third (behind mama and dada if those count)...

And then we headed to Big Papa's park to show off a bit...

And since Florida finally decided to cooperate and temperatures were relatively mild, we hit up the pool.  Both boys were thrilled to be in the water, even Levi who hadn't really been a big fan of it last year.  Not this year...the boy was splashing around like he was an amphibian or something...

Once the boys were all worn out and tucked in for their naps, I even snuck over for a bit of in-the-sun time of my own!

At night, we headed over to my aunt's condo for dinner and drinks with the whole fam.  This is the only shot I got of all the little cousins, but I'm hoping my very talented cousin will provide me with some of hers soon (hint hint Erin hint hint)

With our bellies and hearts full, we left first thing Sunday morning (as in we walked out of the door at 4AM!).  That may have actually been a good call, though, as Levi slept for most of both flights!  Colton, meanwhile, thought it was beyond cool that he had his own tv to watch on our flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta...he didn't even seem to notice that it had no sound!
So now you're all updated on where we've been and what we've been up to.  I'm exhausted just recapping it, but I'm so glad we went.  Watching the joy the boys brought to my grandfather...and him to them...is something I will hold on to forever.  Plus, I have such fond childhood memories of weeks in Florida visiting my grandparents there, and I feel so fortunate to hand that experience down to my own children.  Weekend well spent...

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