September 18, 2013

Desk Nook Phase 2

I'm in the process of attempting to convert a very cluttered closet into a comfortable, functional, stylish desk nook.  And when we last left it, I had made a bit of progress in that I had decluttered slightly, painting the inside of the closet to match the rest of the room, and installing a quick and easy fabric cork board to have a pretty place to store all kinds of notes, reminders, etc.
So the next step was coming up with something for below the shelf that would both look pretty and clear up some space from the desk and shelf.  The winner?  Pegboard!  At just about $7 for a 24x48 piece (which covered my space perfectly), it was a totally affordable and easy solution.  I did pick up a couple pieces of 1x2x8 (cut to size...two pieces at 24 inches and 2 at 48) because one of the workers at Home Depot told me that the pegboard couldn't lie flat against the wall or no baskets would be able to hang.  Makes sense, right, but honestly, I hadn't thought of it!  He also told me I should drill everything in...the 1x2 pieces and then the pegboard into the 1x2's.  So I did....or more accurately, I drilled the 1x2's in, and Josh drilled the pegboard in (I tried but couldn't quite hold it and drill and all).  Oh, and before I put the pegboard in, I painted it (of course!) with some blue I had leftover from our front door makeover.

As you may be able to tell, I headed back to Home Depot to pick up some hooks and baskets (by the way, I think you can probably get prettier options at fun places like Ikea and Container Store...neither of which we have here in VB), and I immediately had so much enough to get rid of all my clutter.
I did use one of the hooks to hold up a pen holder I already had on hand and another to hold up a basket that I already had (which is now storing bills that need to be paid).
And with that pretty simple project, I can confidently say that our desk nook is well on its way to being legit!

  I'm not quite done yet, though.  We most definitely need a new desk chair there...something smaller, less chunky, and prettier.  And I would love to swap out the old desk for a simple filing cabinet/slab of wood (painted of course) piece, but that may be harder to sell Josh on. 
So, Phase 2 may be complete, but we are not quite done yet.  Now off to the thrift stores to try to track down a chair worthy of a makeover...

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