January 21, 2011

Where the **** Are My Keys?

After one too many mornings spent asking myself that exact question, I had to find a solution.  Our house is lacking a true foyer or really even entrance.  When we moved in, I purchased these hooks from Anthropolgie to create a catch-all for each of us. I figured they would collect our keys, bags, and coats.  For the most part, they have worked pretty well in coralling our daily out-the-door necessities.  See?
In case you didn't figure it out, the M is mine, the J for Josh, one C for Colton, and one C for Chippper

My idea worked pretty good in the warm weather months.  In those days, the hooks mainly held a couple bags, and therefore, there was plenty of room for the keys.  Enter the winter months, and as you can probably tell, our hooks are maxed out.  Keys get lost in the chaos that is our winter gear. 
Well, recently I was patrolling our local Pier 1 (yes, one home decor store Virginia Beach actually has...hallelujah!) when I spotted this guy:
On sale for $20, I snatched him up and took him home with me.  Josh promptly (ok one week later, but hey, he did it, right?) hung it up for me.  ***Side note: Josh is the official "hanger" in our house, but seeing that he is a complete foot taller than me, he often hangs things higher than I would...this key hook was no exception.***  Here it is, with our keys hanging gloriously ready to be found:
Woo-hoo, huh?!?  I tired to get a shot of the entire "foyer" for you, but for some reason, I couldn't quite capture its essence, so you'll have to trust me that it works:) 
So, tell me what you think!  Any other creative key catchers?  Or are you all just way more organized than me and find them readily?


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  2. cute key holder! We have a drawer we keep our keys ... if there not there ... I'm totally lost *

  3. I hopped over here from Fab Friday. Happy to find you. I love the key rack. I have one with a basket on top that we keep by the garage door. Works for me--it's only when the keys get lost in my oversize bag that I have trouble. Ha!

  4. I love those letter hooks! We always had a key bowl or something of the sort. But this year we live in a really tiny place (my husband's jobs provides our places for us year to year) and you would think smaller would equal more organization and less lost items. Wrong! We are not the type of people to lose things either. We have a good record going so far this year, gym membership card, leather gloves, my husbands wedding ring.....think it might be time to invest in a hanging giant key :)
    Stumbled over from FTLOB :) Happy Friday!

  5. I hear you about the bag situation...thats next on my list of things to tackle!

  6. We have a hooky thing, but it is not as fancy as yours... It came with the house when we moved in, but it works great. Love the coat hooks too.

  7. Newest follower from the blog hop.
    Pier 1 always has the coolest stuff!
    Hopefully you will stop by and follow back :-)


  8. The key rack looks great!
    Visiting from the blog hop. I'm so glad I found your blog.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. love it! I need something like that! I always just drop my keys on the table but recently my youngest has taken to hiding them - not fun! I can't tell you how many times we have thought we threw them in the trash and my hubby goes dumpster diving only to ahve her turn up with them later! :(


  10. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who loses my keys! After looking forever, I once found them in a cabinet...no idea why I stuck them in there and I thought I was losing my mind. A designated spot would be wonderful! :-)


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