May 11, 2012

Let's Chat Reality

In the middle of stenciling my bathroom, planning 4 parties (!), and taking care of a newborn and toddler, I have also been busy catching up on my DVR shows.  In doing so, I am left with a few thoughts and because I am pretty sure many of you watch the same stuff that I do, I figured this was the perfect place to "discuss."  My thoughts:
1.  Am I the only one on the planet who maybe, just maybe thinks Teresa is getting screwed over?  Hear me out people...I kind of think Caroline and Melissa are pulling a New York (you know when they tried to make Bethenny look shitty...that backfired, huh?) and purposely out to make her look like a shit (I'm still not sure where I stand on Jaclyn and Kathy's involvement in this plan).  I get that Teresa is dumber than dirt, and her husband is most definitely a dirt bag, but I just really think the other girls may be trying to sabotage her.  My main "proof" lies in the fact that I have always really liked Dina, and if she isn't speaking to her own sister, I have to believe it is for a good reason...therefore, I don't really trust hmmm?  I guess I'm waiting to see what happens between Jaclyn and Teresa to make my final call...
2.  I heard on the radio the other day that Bethenny hooked up with the Situation.  It was the "Big Fat Rumor of the Day," so I'm really hoping it's not true.  This would make me sad on so many levels, primarily: 1. I really like Jason and wanted to believe that their problems weren't anything more than adjusting to parenthood/life changes, something I personally know can be difficult, 2. I really like Bethenny and the Situation is just gross.  Anyone else heard this?  Feelings?
3.  That Brooks guy is just plain creepy...seriously!  Vicki has never necessarily been my favorite housewife, but I did think she was at least intelligent.  How can she not see right through that buy's bull shit?


  1. This is fun...
    1. I can't stand Teresa so I'm not on the same page as you here. She seriously is selling all of these stories to the magazine to make money and I feel like Melissa was right in saying that she is pretty much making g her family "take one for the team" in being expe Ted to deal with the stuff Teresa says about them so she can make money. I used to like Teresa and feel bad for her but not so much any more. That said I don't really like Melissa either.
    2. I have not heard that rumor but hope to god its not true. That's just gross and I won't lie...I stalk bethenny on twitter to make sure she still talks about Jason and to see if they are stil l married :-)
    3.brooks is one giant load of crap! He's creepy and I'm pretty much sure he's riding that wave! However...I can't stand vicki and half way feel like she deserves it or at least deserves the verbal bashing about her "non-paying child support" boyfriend that Gretchen gave to her a couple episodes ago. Any way..I thought I was personally going to die of ackward ness when brooks was trying to talk to vickis sun on the patio.
    That was fun..thanks!

  2. I don't know if I agree with you about Teresa...I think she has such a warped view on how things are that she never accepts responsibility for what she does or how it will affect others. I think that's at the heart of her problems. Also, I have heard recently that she is now in a position where she is saying she wishes she had done things differently and that she screwed up and is basically begging for forgiveness. It doesn't sound like someone who has been plotted against.
    I havent heard the Bethenny rumor and I hope theyre all a lie. The Situation?? Ew.
    I agree about Vicki and Brooks. I think she's probably in a vulnerable spot, and he's saying all the right things that she wants to hear. It's easier to get swept up in that (or blinded by it) when you're so fragile.

  3. I completely agree with you 100% about Teresa! Also this was filmed a year ago and she's doing really well now! There's always got to be someone to pick on and for now Teresa is that person!
    I think Bethenny is letting fame get to her and needs to focus on her family for a bit and not everything else! Her and Jason got married and had bryn really quick too and they didn't know much about each other.
    Brooks is creepy and Vicki is probably just on the rebound and likes the attention!!


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