May 14, 2012


Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mommies both new and old out there!  Although we had to spend the morning part of it en route back to town from my cousin's wedding (more on that later), I got to spend the day getting a little spoiled, spending time with my boys, and even having a nice dinner on the water with my mommy and the rest of the family...all in all, a pretty spectacular Mother's Day.

I must say that Mother's Day has become a really significant day for me.  After all, being Colton and Levi's mommy (and Chipper's too) is one of the things I am most proud of.  Every day, they bring me so much joy and make my heart swell with every smile, giggle, hug, and kiss.
But as hard as I try to be the best mommy I can be to them, there are inevitably times that I feel like I should be/could be doing more.  I serve chicken nuggets for dinner instead of cooking something healthy and homemade.  I don't do crafts very frequently with Colton.  We usually spend at least one day a week running my errands...the craft store, grocery store, Target, etc...instead of going on some child-friendly excursion or even just staying home to play.  Other than his time at school, Colton doesn't really do anything educational...well, he does watch "Sesame Street" each night.  There are even moments when I wish I could magically go back in time about three years and just have a few minutes of peace and relaxation.
I'm guessing moms have always had these little insecurities, but I think it may be even more prevalent now.  With sites like Pinterest and blogs that showcase all the cute crafts, activities, etc. that other moms do with their kids, it is hard to remember sometimes that these are just little snapshots into someone's life and not a portrayal of their daily interactions.  It's easy to feel pressure to do just as much, or even more, for your own be the best mommy out there.
But as I was spending time with my family this past weekend, it dawned on me that kids don't need all that.  My mom was never crafty, or creative, or whatever...BUT...she did love us, she was there for us no matter what, she tried her best to be the best mom she could be (and did a pretty good job at it!).  With my own boys, then, I realized that all that really matters is that they know they are loved.  I don't have to make heart-shaped pancakes; I just have to be there for them.  I have to delight in their accomplishments and be there as their rock when times are tough.  I have to hug them and kiss them and tuck them in at night.  They need a mommy who thinks they are the two most remarkable little boys on the planet and who wants the absolute best for them.
 Luckily, these things come easily for me...I love my family and feel grateful for them daily.  My boys are handsome, and sweet, and fantastic. I love them with all that I am and will give them the best childhood I can.  And when they are old like me, I just hope they will look back and realize how very loved they are.

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