May 15, 2012

Wedding Crashing

Crashing is the wrong word I guess because we were actually invited guests, but this past weekend Josh and I (along with all of my other family members) made about an hour and a half trek to the little town of Urbanna, Virginia to attend my cousin's wedding.
Having lived in Virginia my entire life, I have pretty much seen all the state has to offer, but this was my first time in this part of the state.  Urbanna is a tiny town with a few cute shops and restaurants and not much else!  People generally get around by golf cart or even walking as you can make your way around town in just a few minutes!  It's quaint, peaceful, and probably a little too slow for me, but  my cousin found a plantation there (the Hewitt Plantation if you're interested) that she loved, so up we went.
Since it is a small town, there are no hotels or anything to stay in, but there are plenty of Bed and Breakfasts.  I'm not usually a Bed and Breakfast type of girl, but with my whole family needing a place to stay, we took up all the rooms in the house, which made it much less awkward than I feel like it normally would have been. Plus, Colton LOVED having his Nene, Papa, aunts, uncle, and even a dog (my brother's and his wif'e's pup...Chipper was not welcome at the bed and breakfast due to his behavior issues!) under the same roof.  Colton was also pleasantly surprised to find that the innkeeper was constantly stocking sodas, cookies, and other treats...and that his aunts and uncles kept giving him these things much more frequently than mom and dad ever would!  I will say that while bed and breakfasts may not be my thing necessarily, the porches, grounds, and lounging spots were beautiful and totally relaxing (well, minus the toddler and infant who needed lots of attention).

Aside from lounging around the bed and breakfast, we also took some time to explore Urbanna.  While there wasn't a whole lot to "explore," we did manage to find a really cute wine/decor store (Taste, again if you're interested), get some yummy grill food and homemade ice cream at a gas station turned restaurant (Something Different), find a little playground complete with an old timey silver slide that my monkey child couldn't get enough of, and even stop and smell the flowers.

And then of course there was the wedding.  I already mentioned that it was on a plantation and as such, it had a very vintagey, country feel.  I didn't snap nearly enough pictures of the details, but I did get a few 

And since everyone was all dolled up, I did make sure to take some pictures of the family
josh and I

my brother and his wife

sister and her boyfriend

the ladies

the boys

mom and dad

the whole fam (minus Colton and Levi of course)
I love weddings in general, and this one was no exception.  The weather was absolutely perfect, the setting so pretty, and we got to spend the evening/weekend with family...including some that we don't see very often at all.  AND I wasn't the pregnant girl watching everyone else have fun!  So, yeah, it was fun.

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