May 16, 2012

Nene's New Bag

Last year my parents moved from our childhood home to a new, beachfront residence.  As such, Colton, and probably Levi eventually, now think "beach" and "Nene and Papa's house" (Nene being the name Colton has given my mom after he was unable to say Meme for some reason) are the same thing...which they kind of are.
Colton loves the beach...almost as much as his Nene for Mother's Day, I wanted to get my mom something to go along with that passion.  When we were there earlier this season, I noted that mom's beach bag, an old Lands End staple, had clearly seen its better day.  The Lands End bags are so classic, though, and the perfect beach bag, so I decided to just stick with one of those and have it monogrammed with Nene on it.
While the bag itself was sure to be a hit, I wanted to make it a little more personal and unique.  And what is better to personalize Nene's beach bag than with her two grandson's darling little hand prints.
Putting the hand prints on the bag was super simple.  After tracing them on to fabric, I cut them out and then cut out appropriate-sized squares of Heat N' Bond.
Following the directions on the package, I ironed the fabric to the square, cut out the excess Bond stuff, and then ironed it on to the bag.  Seriously, it was just about the easiest thing I've ever done!  And I think the result was super cute.  Best of all, Nene seemed to agree and was very excited about her new beach we just need a good beach day to use it!

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