September 19, 2013

Fall Favorites

As we head into fall, I wanted to take some time to share with you some of the things I am most excited about this season!
Essie Sand Tropez: a good neutral, so it works with anything I'm wearing!  Bonus points because it's not as obvious when it chips, so I don't have to re-polish/walk around with a blaring nail issue every couple of days when inevitably one of my nails gets ruined.
Helluva Good Greek Yogurt Dip: French Onion.  Growing up, we always had a French Onion Helluva Good dip on the table during Steelers games (with some hard pretzels to dip in it).  Well, this Greek yogurt version tastes the exact same as the original.  And there's only 35 calories per 2 tbsp.  Honestly, I did't look at a regular tub to do a calorie comparison, but I have to assume this one's better!
Toms.  I know, I know...way late on the bandwagon here.  But until this point, I had never owned a pair of Toms (actually not true...I have a pair of ballet flats, but none that were good for fall).  Well, this summer, my aunt (again...technicality, because it's actually my mom's cousin, but to me, if you're my mom's age, you're my aunt, not second/third cousin whatever) who owns a shoe store in Richmond sent me about four pairs that people had bought, never worn, but they couldn't resell.  Needless to say, I'm super pumped to sport my cute, free shoes this fall!
Oh and I got Levi some adorable baby Toms as well that I can't wait for him to wear!
L'Oreal EverCurl Cream.  My hair is naturally wavy.  I've always liked wearing it curly because it's easy and generally pretty stylish.  But I've had a hard time finding a product that doesn't leave my curls crunchy, flat, and/or frizzy.  After using this product for a few weeks, I think I've found my solution.  Plus it smells really good!
Bethenny.  I debated including this one.  I was completely stoked to find out Bethenny's talk show was going to be airing this fall...and even more stoked that it was going to be on at 2PM locally (the time I thankfully lay my children down for their naps).  But a couple of days in, I found myself turning her off in favor of my DVR shows.  I gave her another try, though, a few days later, and enjoyed the show much more.  I really, really like her, so I'm hoping this turns out to be a pleasant way to spend an hour of my day this fall!

So that's what I'm into recently.  How bout you guys?  Any good Fall finds I should know about?

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