October 7, 2010

Fall Fashion(if you're under 30 inches and have a well, you know)

Before I had children, I had three reasons for wanting them: 1. to control family holidays, 2. to plan a first birthday party, and 3. to clothe said child. Now mind you, I, of course, had other more mature, sentimental reasons for wanting to extend our brood, but I would be lying if those three certainly played a pivotal role in my decision (pathetic, I know). Fast forward to my days of motherhood...and, well, someone must have been looking out for me ***Josh, actually*** because we were blessed with a baby boy, and as anyone who has ever explored baby clothes can tell you, baby boy clothes are not nearly as cute as baby girl clothes.

Have no fear, though! As we approach Colton's first fall/winter, I was able to track down quite a few fantastic options:

I know it looks like a lot, but this is one handsome baby; he needs lots of handsome clothes! The good news is now that Colton has hit the 6 month mark, he has access to baby clothes that move beyond just onesies and glorified sleepwear...there are Quicksilver hoodies, Northface jackets, and pin-stripe pants! This is so much fun. Plus, baby boy has a reputation to live up to now...the babysitter has already noticed that he does not repeat outfits:)

This is my logic, of course, and certainly not Josh's (especially when he sees the $80 price tag on the aforementioned North Face), so what do you all think....what can baby boy not live without?

For anyone interested, the clothes are from BabyGap, Old Navy, Crazy 8s, Children's Palace, Gymboree, and Nordstrom.

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  1. How about h&m...they have real cute clothes for baby boy


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