October 6, 2010

Taming the Beast

As I sit on the couch trying to unwind each evening, this is the sight that greets me:

AAAHHH! Do you see all those freakin wires? Well, actually, who am I kidding...how could you not see those wires?

Part of the problem is that our computer modem, wireless router, etc. are back there with all of the tv and playstation wires, creating true wire chaos. The other part of the problem is that while I really like our tv stand, obviously the back of it is bare, thus showcasing instead of hiding the wires. Well, this weekend, I decided I could conquer this beast. So, with Colton swinging away nearby (Josh was still sleeping, otherwise this would not have flown), I began unplugging everything. My logic was that if I could detangle the wires, I could straighten them out, secure them with some wire ties, and our problem would be solved. Well, after an hour of deplugging, twisting, plugging, routing, etc., this is what I had:

Better, I know, but not by much, and sadly, I think some wires have even drooped back down in the last couple of days. So, I need your help!!! If we can't tame this mess, we at least need to hide it (my more typical organization strategy)...suggestions, PLEASE

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