May 6, 2013

Pretty Little Pot

Another Monday, another simple DIY tutorial post.  This weekend's conquered task?  Prettying up our new kitchen houseplant.
You see, as much of the housekeeper-extraordinaire that I tend to think I am, one skill that I positively do not possess is green thumb. In fact, mine is more black, in that I kill absolutely every green living thing I come in contact with...womp womp.  Miraculously, though, we had a cute little plant in the kitchen that managed to survive for well over a year...until about a month ago that is when it finally bit the bullet for good.
So on our next trip to Home Depot, Levi and I (Colton was in school...we tend to run most of our errands while Colton is in school these days!) picked out a new addition.
I've had a little thing for succulents lately, so I was pretty pleased with it.  But as cute as it was, I couldn't leave well enough alone.  That little pot was begging for some pizzazz!  So I spray painted it white.  And then I laid a rubber band in a sort of wave about midway up and gave the bottom a few coats of green paint.
And now it's resting comfortably in...and sprucing up...our kitchen.
Woo hoo!  Love me a simple weekend project:)  Anybody else up to something fun this weekend?

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