May 7, 2013

Party On

Pre-kids, Josh and I used to be out and about regularly.  Aaah, the good ole days, right?  Since kids, though, our social scene has changed quite a bit.  Honestly, we still are out most Friday and Saturday nights.  But the kids are with us, we're in the family section, and we're generally home by 8:30 or so.  No one is really knocking down our door begging to babysit our kiddos, so unless we have some sort of special occasion or event, Josh and I usually just choose to tote them along...and honestly they've gotten pretty good at eating out because of it!
But this past weekend the unthinkable happened.  In what will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, Josh and I had two adult-only parties to attend...two nights in a row! Which meant we had a babysitter and adult time two nights in a row!!!  Oh, and as a bonus, we got to get a little dolled up (bonus for me, not for Josh who hates dressing up, as you will see in his outfit choice!).  Holla!
On Friday night, we attended a retirement party for one of my friend's husbands.  Sadly, they were also moving to Philadelphia the day after the party, so it was also a good-bye party of sorts.  I haven't known Jess for long, but Colton has become really good buddies with her son, and we often do play groups with her and some of the other ladies in the pictures.  I can't tell you how nice it is to have found a group of friends...a group of people I genuinely like!...for me and the boys.
While those pictures are cute, the real story could probably be better told by the photo booth pics:
Seriously, it was such a fun night, especially as the husbands got to meet...many for the first time...and miracle of miracle, Josh actually liked them...a lot (he can be pretty picky sometimes!).
And the next night, we headed out again...this time for Josh's company's annual Kentucky Derby party.  Oh, and I was in charge of the decorating:)  

Nothing says I'm classy, but still ready to party quite like a tuxedo t-shirt, huh?  Oh, my husband!  After the party, we stopped for a drink with some of his work peeps and then got home by our 9:30 curfew (Josh's parents were babysitting and were not going to have us being out any later...).
I can't tell you how nice it was to get out with my husband, be a little social, and have some fun just the two of us.  It certainly brought to my attention how important it is to maintain that aspect of our lives.  I guess it's time to start saving up for babysitters!

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  1. Loved your dresses Michelle! They are SUPER cute!!


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