May 8, 2013

So Berry Fun

  "Spring" in Virginia Beach has been decidedly missing.  After a week of summer, we have now returned to an awful too-cold, too-wet state in which the boys and I have not been able to cross anything off our spring to-do list. But, after a weekend of neglecting our children (see yesterday's post if you're confused), Josh and I woke up Sunday morning committed to a family Sunday Funday and I was personally committed to scratching something off our list.
Colton and Josh really wanted strawberry picking, so we made the 25 minute trek out to Pungo (a very-southern section of Virginia Beach with a very-country feel) to choose our berries.

We instructed Colton to look for the big red ones, and he took that task very seriously!

Meanwhile, Levi was just really excited to be carrying a basket...and even more excited when berries started piling up in there!

In everything we do these days, my heart just swells to watch my boys becoming good friends.  They really do enjoy each other, and I couldn't be prouder of both of them.

The highlight, easily, for both boys, though, was actually getting to taste the berries.

Both boys were devastated when we had to get in the car and put the strawberry eating on hold for the drive home.  Needless to say, they've made up for it over the last few days: breakfast, lunch, snack. I guess strawberry picking was a good activity choice for Sunday!

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