May 3, 2013

This is Me: Sleep

So I've been doing this little "This is Me" challenge for awhile now.  The next chapter up is sleep.  Admittedly, that doesn't make for very riveting reading I'm sure, but a commitment is a commitment, so let's proceed...
How many hours do you sleep at night?
Generally a nice and healthy 8!  I'm definitely no night owl, and pretty much impose a 10PM bedtime on myself on weeknights!  Josh wakes up for work around 6, and with the noise of his alarm, shower, etc., I pretty much wake up then too!  Of course, one of the luxuries of being a SAHM is that I actually lay in bed til about 7:15 (unless one of the boys interrupts my peace!).
Do you take naps?
Nope!  Never!  Well, maybe once or twice a year, but generally I'm go-go-go all day!
Do you like a lot, or few blankets and pillows?
We usually watch tv in bed before falling asleep, so I usually fall asleep on my two pillows (used to prop myself up for tv watching).  At some point overnight, though, I generally ditch the second pillow.  As for covers, just a sheet and duvet are all I need.  Oh, and I also have developed a weird need to have my arms around something when I sleep, so I use a small throw pillow for that.  Strangely, this is my must-have sleep item!
Can you sleep anywhere or does it have to be your own bed?
I can pretty much sleep anywhere, but I have to have some sort of pillow to wrap my arms around!  Although I can sleep anywhere, I definitely prefer my own bed and sleep best there!
What are your conditions for a good night's sleep?  Does it have to be completely dark and quiet?
I can sleep with noise as long as it's not right in my ear!  In fact, we sometimes fall asleep with the tv still on and turn it off later in the night.  Josh's snoring, and sometimes even breathing, though, can really keep me up sometimes, particularly if I wake up in the middle of the night.  Obviously we turn off the lights to sleep, but I think I could sleep in any degree of light!

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