June 26, 2013

Bravo Bravo

As previews started rolling in for Bravo's late spring/summer line up, I was a little worried because there seemed to be quite a few new shows.  Sure, my classic Housewives from both Jersey and OC were returning, but surely 2 hours of DVR time a week just wouldn't suffice.  I should have known better than to worry, though, because obviously my beloved Bravo would come through for me.
Here's what I've been watching...and loving/hating about it...for the past few weeks.
Real Housewives of Orange County
A few weeks back, I stated that I was really over these ladies.  I'm readjusting, though, and can sense a major alliance shift in the future of that cast.  Anyone else pick up on the bad vibes towards Gretchen lately?  After years of really liking her, I've found her obnoxious this year and I get the sense that the other ladies are starting to turn on her as well.  On a positive note, I really like Heather and Lydia, although the woes of the mom smoking pot story line seem a little forced to me!
Real Housewives of New Jersey
My Jersey girls are back and with them comes another predictable round of Gorga-Guidice drama with the rest of the cast getting involved to fight for screen time (wasn't that the point of Caroline's little heart to heart with Joe, and then later Teresa?).  A bunch of people thought I was crazy last year, but I'm going to stay out on my limb and side with Teresa. I get a vibe that Melissa may be more of the problem than previously portrayed.  Seriously, Teresa is all they seem to talk about, even when she's not around.  It's kind of pathetic!
Newlyweds: The First Year
Besides the fact that these folks seem to be flying through their first year of marriage (I think one episode was like 4 months of marriage and the next was 10 months or something) relatively drama-free, I've enjoyed the show.  I really, really like Jeff and Blair.  I thought the pregnant couple was really going to annoy me at first, but they're back and forth is actually really amusing to me (maybe because it's the most similar to my own marriage?!?)  Not that I am a marriage expert, but I really wonder if the other two couples will make it; if there's already that much drama and animosity in the first year...when you're still having fun...before kids...I don't know how it's going to go as the years go by.  Wonder if Bravo will keep up with the couples beyond the first year so we can find out?  (*I haven't watched the finale yet (it's saved on my DVR), so excuse me if something is inaccurate!).
Princesses: Long Island
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.  Admittedly I probably have a little bit of Jewish princess in me giving me lots to relate to here, but this just may be my all-time favorite Bravo production...and that's saying a lot!!!  There's drama, there's laughs, but mostly these ladies just seem to have a good time.   Seriously, I want to go hang out in Long Island with them.

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  1. Oh my goodness...I am so glad I am not the only one obsessed with all shows on BRAVO! I absolutely love Jeff and Blair too!!


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