August 2, 2012


Tonight we will find out if my sister-in-law and brother will be adding a baby boy or baby girl to our family.  They are having a gender reveal party (planned by yours truly of course) just like we did about a year ago (she's due January 3rd, while Levi's birthday is January 4th).  While I will, of course, be excited for them regardless of the outcome, I have been convinced since the day of Levi's gender reveal party that this baby will be a girl.
I made it no secret during my pregnancy that I desperately wanted a little girl...the clothes, the bows, the rainbow birthday party.  And I was also totally honest that when I bit into that cupcake that day about a year ago, I was definitely a little disappointed to see blue filling.  From that day on, though, whenever I would share with people that yep, we would be having another boy, I would usually get a response such as..."your boys will grow up being such good friends" or "Colton is so lucky to have a brother."  And I knew they were right...these boys would be so lucky to have each other.
So I guess it should come as no surprise that as Levi has gotten older and the boys have started to discover each other, one of my greatest joys is watching (and documenting) this growing relationship.
While we used to prompt Colton to play with his brother, he is now initiating it on his own.  And Levi...well Levi is totally enamored with his big brother.  He watches him with absolute delight, cracks up at everything he does, and now that he is crawling he is anxiously chasing his brother down!  Watching them together is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen.  In fact, I even took a couple videos so you can see for yourself (pardon my ridiculous prompting!)...

And a little background on this second one...Levi woke up from his nap while I was blow drying my hair.  Colton was back in the bathroom with me, so I told him to go tell Levi I would be there in two minutes.  I proceeded to watch him (on the monitor) enter Levi's room, talk to him (during which time Levi stopped crying and started giggling), and then climb into Levi's crib.  When I came in, they were cracking up...
So a year later, I have a totally different feeling about that blue I saw in the cupcake.  Not only is Colton lucky to have a brother to grow up with, but we are all lucky to have him in our lives as well.

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