August 3, 2012

If I Could Do it Again...

This Saturday marks five years of marriage for Josh and I (C.R.A.Z.Y, huh?).  I'm sure it comes as no surprise considering what I am now attempting to do for a living, but I loved every single second of wedding planning.  In fact, I loved it so much that I often joked with Josh that we would have to get remarried every five years just so I could plan a new wedding each time.
And then Pinterest came along and I was even more tempted by the notion of planning another wedding.
But, alas, here we are five years later and there are no plans for a remarriage/vow renewal/etc.  But Pinterest is just a click away, and I thought it may be fun to quickly look through it and find some things that I would use...IF I got to plan another wedding...

We did the whole formal, big, country club wedding the first time around.  It was really nice, but if I got a second wedding I would probably keep it more intimate.  And we would all rent a ginormous beach house like the one below (in Nags Head nonetheless) to hang out in before the wedding...this way it's like a whole week party.  

It doesn't necessarily go with the whole beach wedding vibe (but this is all pretend anyway, right), but I am loving the lace look.  And I'm especially loving the cut-out back!  So pretty.
And maybe Josh and his guys would oblige me and wear something bright and happy like this.

My bridesmaids wore long brown dresses (that sounds so awful, but it was actually pretty).  This time around, though, I love the idea of picking a color...probably something bright like coral or turquoise...and allowing each girl to pick out something that they liked in that color.  Kind of like below, but in a different color.
We didn't have a ring bearer (or flower girl for that matter) at our wedding, but now we would obviously have the two boys.  And they would HAVE to carry a sign like this.  Love. Love. Love.
Oh, and I would totally make sure we got some pictures like this beforehand.

As for the reception, I was totally happy with ours the first time around.  In fact to this day, Josh and I often have people tell us it was the most fun wedding they have ever had at a wedding.  And in researching this fake wedding, I learned that I may have just been a trendsetter because I came across Colin Cowie's (ya know...the mega wedding planner) recommendation of doing a station-style buffet...which is exactly what we did complete with mini grilled cheeses/shots of tomato soup, sliders, and pigs in a blanket at one station, crabcake sandwiches, hush puppies, and shrimp at another, a mashed potato bar at one more, and then I don't remember the last one.  My dad HATED my food selections, but I loved them and was very insistent on them at the time...and would probably repeat the same exact things this time around!
But this time I would also add a dessert bar...
And on that dessert bar, I would have smaller wedding cake, either ombre style
Or even this sprinkles cake that's ombre once cut in to:
The more I think about it it's probably a good thing I didn't get married in the age of Pinterest because I just spent wwwaaayyy too much time on there planning this fake wedding.  I can only imagine how addicted I would become if I had an actual wedding to plan!  So, I guess I'll just stick to living vicariously through others and helping them plan theirs (hint hint sister hint hint)

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  1. Everyday I look at pintrerst wedding ideas and wish I could do it again! When Genna gets married she will prob. Have everything we could ever want! She'll have an amazing wedding!


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