March 24, 2011

DIY Patio End Tables

With Colton's birthday party coming up this weekend, I was in a hurry last weekend to find some end tables to accompany our patio furniture.  Because ours was only a seating set, there are no tables that officially match it (which is fine because I'm kind of against the matchy mathcy look anyways).  It did leave us with a challenge, though.  I knew I wanted something round to fill in the gaps and wanted the tables to be the perfect drink leaving spot, considering I think that will be their sole main purpose.  I looked at my favorite places, but still wasn't finding anything that seemed to fit (at least not within my budget and aesthetic).  While I was at Home Depot, I had a little epiphany and decided I could just make my own!  I bought two 24 inch planters and 2 24 inch planter trays:
I had some Gorilla Glue at home, so I flipped the tray upside down, put a thin layer on (you can see it in the above picture if you look closely!) and then affixed it to the bottom of the planter (as it was also turned upside down).  The glue needed to "clamp" for about an hour, so here's a picture as it awaits its fate (pardon my "clamps"):

With the table fully assembled (how easy was that?!?), I had to do some painting.  A couple of coats of my favorite spray paint later, and I had some shiny, green, perfectly round patio end tables. 
Here's a couple other shots in case you're into that like me:

They kind of remind me of this West Elm option.  Obviously, not quite the exact same, but for a total cost of $42 for both of mine, I think I can settle for the difference for now.  I can't wait to put a nice, cold beverage on them in the lovely months ahead.  What do you think?

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  1. My mom is always doing projects for the patio furniture! I will have to pass this along for sure. They are super cute, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow - yours looks so much nicer than our - I'm creative with words but sheesh - not elsewhere so much! This is lovely - loving the olive colour - it looks woarm and inspires thoughts of nature.

    Here to say hi - im following - from FLOB's hop! You can find me at

    Shah .X

  3. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I LOVE this idea and I totally want to hang out on your patio this summer -- it is stunning! Thanks for creating such a great blog full of inspiration.

  4. BRILLIANT! I'm featuring your potted table in the PoPP Spotlight tomorrow. I love the paint color too... what's the name? Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love these! How creative! I am doing a mini feature of these and directing my readers over (later this morning).

  6. This is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to do my own version! Just became your newest follower :)


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