April 9, 2014

Superhero Party: The Food

When it comes time to plan a party, I probably put way more thought into the food than is necessary.  Especially with kids' parties, I like to make the food theme-appropriate while trying to avoid being too corny about it.  I also try to avoid serving the same foods at each party since our guests are usually the same.  Logistically, it gets ridiculous at times, but with that being said, here's what we came up with for Colton's Superhero party:
I know you can't really make out what is there, but we had a deli tray and sub rolls (dubbed "All-American Hero" sandwiches) mainly for the adults and Kaboom Kabobs for the kids.  For the kabobs, we did half peanut butter and jelly and half chicken nugget.  Both were put on skewers (the peanut butter and jelly ones were quartered) with grapes.  In addition, we had "Holy Guacamole" and chips, "Pop"corn, and these Jello cups for snacks.
As for drinks, we had soda ("pop"), waters (wrapped in superhero duck tape), and Gatorades ("heroade").
For the first time, I actually decided to order Colton's cake instead of attempting to make it myself.  He wanted superheroes and quite frankly, I didn't really trust myself to come through! Luckily, a very nice baker at the Harris Teeter did.  Crazy enough I had called another local bakery to get a price on this cake.  After not only taking several phone calls on my part to get an answer from them, they came in at $146...luckily, I had happened to already mention it to a baker at the Teeter when I was there ordering the deli tray.  She had told me she could do it for $27!!!!  So, obviously, we went with the Teeter.  I was a little worried we would pick it up and it not be what I had wanted, but it completely was...

Colton and his buddies LOVED his cake!  There was a bit of "I want Spiderman" or "I want Batman," but I just used my teacher "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"  
Tomorrow I will finish up the party posts by filling you in on the favors and activities...

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