December 19, 2011


Guess who has a completed nursery?!? This girl!!!  Well more appropriately Baby X does (who actually has a name as you will probably discover if you even glance through these pictures)!  After months of planning, I am happy to report that all pieces are in place, pretty much just as I had anticipated (certainly shows how worthwhile it is to plan these things out in advance...and to have Pinterest available for inspiration!).  Ready for the pics?

As usual, a lot of elements in the room were DIYed in some way, gifts, or recycled from use in Colton's nursery, so we really spent very little on the room.  Here is a source list, though, in case you're curious where certain things came from.

  • Bookcase: IKEA Expedit
  • Piggy Bank: Toys R' Us
  • Hand print art: DIY
  • Clothespins: Ballard Designs (spray painted by yours truly)
  • Crib: Colton's Nursery (originally Babies R' Us)
  • Bedding: Carousel Designs (all gifted)
  • Mobile: Carousel Designs (gifted again!)
  • name/frame: DIY, letters from
  • Rug: Colton's nursery, originally from Target
  • Curtains: Colton's nursery, embellished with yellow pom-pom trim by moi
  • Table: purchased at Target a couple years ago (for $15!!! still one of my best finds ever!), painted white
  • glider: Colton's nursery
  • pillow: recycled from old guest room, Target originally
  • throw blanket: recycled from old guest room, CB2 originally
  • canvases: DIY
  • lamps: Target, painted and shades recovered
  • dresser: Colton's nursery (originally IKEA)
  • Changing Table top: Colton's nursery (originally Land of Nod)
  • Changing Pad Cover: Little Owl's Nest Etsy shop
  • Mirror: DIY of yore
  • Lanterns: Luna Bazaar


  1. You did a great job!! So cute!

  2. Ummm..this is awesome! I just adore the color scheme. And I figured his name started with an "L" after the bath towel post. ;)

  3. Wow I love the colors you chose. This really looks spectacular! Lucky baby!

  4. What a fun room. I love the colors and the paper lantern cluster. Visiting from Shabby Nest.

  5. so cute but what you forgot to tell us what your paint color is?


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