December 16, 2011

Baby X's Bathroom Upgrade

With Baby X's arrival about two weeks away (plus or minus a few days depending on how my doctor wants to play this), we have been busy getting our abode prepped for his arrival.  Luckily, already having one toddler around here means that there hasn't been too much additional stuff we need to buy or do (other than the obvious nursery and toddler room).
But the boys' bathroom did need some modification.  We have never really had towel storage in there.  There has been one awkward piece of wood from which we have hung Colton's bath towel , but it was never a good solution.  Nothing like the impending arrival of a new child to kick your arse into gear, though.  Wanting each boy to have his own towel (even though they are going to look exactly the same!), I came up with this towel hook solution:

And a close up:
They're not fancy, but I think they adequately do the job!  Each boy got his own $5 hook.  Above the hook is a frame with some scrapbook paper (leftover from Thanksgiving) and a bath letter glued to the frame.  Outside of the hooks, we didn't spend a penny on the upgrade and now each boy will have his own place in the bathroom.
On a side note, some of you may have spotted our little bathroom nook in the first picture and wondered why we didn't just use that spot for our revamped towel storage.  Well, I have had high hopes for that area in the terms of shelving and storage since the day we moved in, so I figured if I kept it empty, it may motivate  us to complete the project.  We'll see!

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