April 10, 2014

Superhero Party: Favors and Activities

I'm going to wrap up Colton's Superhero party today by sharing with you the favors and activities.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the weather really put a damper on our activities.  Literally! With the rain and cold, the kids really didn't do the stuff as much as I had hoped for, but oh well!
All along the plan was to have the bounce house be the prime attraction, which I guess it was...

But I had set up some superhero-themed activities to keep the kids entertained once they were over all the bouncing.  There was some building jumping...
And I had set up a strong man barbell and photo backdrop (which my dad was happy to put to use)...
And the one activity the kids did get in to was the villain shooting.  I had set up different villains throughout the yard and put out some cans of silly string.  They ended up shooting each other more than the villains, but at least they got put to use!

 And then there was the pinata. We have a couple of birthday party books, and in each of them, the birthday party has a pinata.   A couple of weeks before his party Colton started mentioning how excited about his pinata.  So naturally, we had to have a pinata!  I made this Captain America one for him and was a little worried how it would hold up.  Well, it was near impossible to break!  Josh eventually had to tear it open for the kids...
We handed out bags for each kid to store their pinata goodies and then turned them loose on the favor table.  
On hand were some superhero bracelets and bubbles from Oriental Trading, Rice Krispie treats (pop!), superhero lollipops, kryptonite (green slime), and some color-appropriate candies the kids could scoop into their bags.  Admittedly, it was a bit heavy on the sugar quotient (especially combined with the pinata), but I just couldn't decide which ideas I wanted to eliminate so we went with it all!

Oh, and the kids did get one more favor: their own personalized cape.  These were on display at the entrance of the party, and most kids were quick to put them on (especially Levi who had seen me making these and had been eagerly awaiting his blue cape...he even slept with it that night).
And with that, I think we have concluded the superhero party recap!  

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