April 8, 2014

Superhero Party: The Decorations

When it came time to plan Colton's Superhero party, I took a bit of a different direction than I normally do.  In the past, I would come up with all kinds of ideas and then use them throughout the house and outdoors, decorating pretty much anywhere and everywhere!  This time, though, I decided that was a bit wasteful, so instead I came up with plans for specific party places.
So I started with the kids' table. I alternated vases of handmade superhero fans and polka-dot balloons in the party's color scheme (red, yellow, blue).

Aside from the kids' table, I also focused on the food table.  I set up a skyline backdrop by wrapping various boxes in the color scheme and then drawing "windows" on them.  I was about to buy boxes for this project when I looked in my pantry and had an ah-ha moment: there were tons of different size and different shape boxes in there to wrap!  So, the total cost of our backdrop was pretty much nil (I didn't have the blue wrapping paper on hand, so I did have to buy that...).  
I also put Colton's birthday banner and some balloons behind the table.
And finally, the other area that got some decorating treatment was the favor table.  Here I did a ribbon backdrop with a super C emblem that I designed in the front.
Everything was meant to be spread out throughout our back yard, but with the lovely weather we had that day, everything was forced into our screened-in porch!  Needless to say, it was a very festive porch!  
I will be back tomorrow with some details on the food...

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