April 7, 2014

A Lesson in Perspective

Colton's Superhero bash was last weekend.  Like any party I do, I had been obsessing over all of the details of this shindig for months and months.  I had meticulously selected party activities, menu items, favors, etc. and crafted and bought our way to what would hopefully be party perfection. We had a big bounce house booked, so the party was slated to be outside. But as the day approached, rain was increasingly part of the forecast.  The day before the party the forecast seemed to suggest that the heavy rain would be gone, that perhaps we would see an 5-minute shower, but that it would overall be an ugly, dry day.  Colton was so excited about his party, though, that we decided to go for it.
Well, that was probably the wrong choice. The day was awful!  It rained pretty much the whole time. The rain made the bounce house wet and slippery to the point where the kids didn't even want to use it (until an adult would get in and completely towel dry it until the next rain shower)...$250 down the drain! Plus, the kids barely attempted the other outdoor activities we had set up...time down the drain!  And to top it off, a lot of them flocked inside to our playroom, which I had really wanted to avoid since it had gotten destroyed the last time we had 20+ kids in there...and this time was no exception (although it was a bit better than the last time).
Basically, it was a really frustrating experience for me.  It was a lot of wasted time, wasted money, and anxiety!  BUT, you know who didn't notice one bit of it?  This guy...
In fact, he (and his brother) loved every single second of it. 

And at the end of the day, that is all that matters!  So, the party may not have been the perfection that party planner me had hoped for, but it was the perfection that mommy me had!  
I will be back the rest of the week with details on all the party specifics...the decorations, food, favors, and activities.

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