October 24, 2013

My Subconscious is Speaking...

...and apparently, it is clearly frustrated that I am the only female in this household.  Don't get too excited (or scared, maybe!)...this is no pregnancy announcement or anything...just a little too much thought into a discussion I had the other day.  Let me explain before this gets too far out of hand...
The other day I was finishing up my workout and collecting my bag.  One of the trainers commented that she liked it which somehow jump started a conversation on pink (my bag is pink). We spoke about how we both used to really like pink growing up, transitioned to really hating pink, and had both somehow found our way back to it.  I went on to tell her that not only did I have a new found tolerance for pink, it actually seemed to have quite the love affair with it these days.  And with that, I noticed just how bad it had become:

In my hands at that moment was my iPad with pink case, pink headphones, pink water bottle, pink gym bag, and pink (with white and navy stripes) phone case!  That's a lot of pink, right?!?
So, being the over-analyzer that I am, I had to over analyze!  Conclusion?  With a house full of boys, pink is pretty much off limits around here.  Can't really use it in their clothing (although Colton does have a super-cute pink checked shirt he is wearing today for Breast Cancer Awareness day at his school).  Really can't use it in decorating.  The only place I can get away with using pink is in stuff that belongs to me!  Maybe I've gone a bit overboard?!?

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