October 28, 2013


A couple years ago, I had just left teaching in order to stay home with Colton (Levi was busy kicking inside!).  Fall rolled in, and I knew I wanted to take Colton to the farm to see the animals, do a hayride, and catch all the other farm fun.  My mom tagged along, and thus a tradition was born (we all know I love traditions!).  
Last week, we bundled up (it was finally a bit chilly around here!) and headed out to Hunt Club Farm to take in all the usuals.  This year, my niece (and sister-in-law) got to join us too.  
We fed and petted the animals  (***actually, the boys fed and petted the animals...it creeps me out personally!)

Took a pony ride:

Played in the hay (by far, Levi's favorite part!):

Played on the playground:

And, of course, finished off the day with a hayride

It was a really nice day.  The boys loved having their Nene, C, and Baby Riley on an outing with them.  I see lots of pictures like this in our future...

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