October 3, 2013

A Few Good Dips

Three out of five days this week I've written about food in some way.  I guess we can tell where my mind is these days!  
But I digress..Back to the post:
We had a tailgate this past weekend.  It was dip themed. I love me a good dip...so much so that I couldn't just make one.  I went with one of my classics, but I also took the opportunity to try out a couple Pinterest finds that I have been eyeing.  And guess what?!?  They were all huge hits.  So I'm passing along my endorsement on all three.  If you need a dip, you can't go wrong with any of them.

1.  Neiman Marcus Dip: So easy (like 5 minutes to put it together), but it was gone even quicker at our tailgate.  I had seen this one floating around Pinterest for awhile and can now promise that it is as good as advertised!
                      Neiman Marcus Dip or in The South it is known as Get Your Man Dip. This dip sounds really good!!! Easy and quick to make!
2.  Beer Dip:  This was my classic that I went with...by Josh's request.  I've served it several times (including Colton's first birthday party which is where the link sends you because the recipe is at the end) and it's always popular.
3.  S'mores Dip: I made another S'mores dip awhile back, but this one is 1000000% better.  I couldn't find marshmallow bits, so I just toasted some.  I mean, how amazing doe that look?!?
So there you go.  Next week's tailgate theme is , so hopefully I'll be back soon with those recipes.

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