April 30, 2012

My Favorite Art

We don't own a single piece of what would be considered "art" in our house. One reason for that is that art...real art...is freaking expensive. But the other reason, and honestly the bigger reason, is that I just don't usually see things that I like. I have always heard that art is supposed to speak to you, so I guess my art sense is just deaf or something. But our walls are far from blank. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you've caught a glimpse of many of my DIY creations, but here are some more lovely recent additions to our decor.

Yep, that's Baby Colton on the left and Baby Levi on the right, and honestly nothing makes me happier to wake up to each morning than the sight of those two lovely, innocent faces.
And then there's this which is in our hallway and easily visible every time I am in the kitchen, or walking down that hall to get to our room, Levi's room, or the boys' bathroom (in other words, I see it frequently!):

In addition to the portraits, I also recently made some pieces that have special meaning. This one is just our birthdates (Josh and mine on the top and Levi and Colton on the bottom) with our anniversary in the middle.

And finally, I got on the map art bandwagon. Sadly, Josh and I haven't done much travelling and both grew up right here in Va. Beach, so the map art I had seen really didn't seem applicable for us. Instead, I came up with the idea to just print out small versions of several places that have special significance to us (the place we met, where we got engaged, where we got married, and then our first home together and current home).
With those 2 additions, here's what our little gallery wall looks like now (yep it still needs Levi's silhouette!):

And there we have it. It may not be considered art anywhere else, but each of those pieces puts a smile on my face when I see it. That's the art that "speaks to me!"

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