April 27, 2012

One Year Later

I have a really good memory for dates which means I also have a pretty lengthy mental record of anniversaries...things like day of my Bat Mitzvah (almost 20 years ago!), day Josh and I met (8 years ago), last year at this time we went to dinner at _____.  Yeah, some of them are pretty significant and others are totally random, but I always like to compare where I was, literally and figuratively, at that point as compared to now.  Well, today marks another big one...the day I found out I was pregnant with Levi (obviously unknown as Levi at the time).
I remember everything about that morning, and a couple days before that...it was a Monday night when I, all of a sudden, realized it had been longer than I realized since I had my last period... I checked the calendar to confirm it had actually been almost 6 weeks, I told Josh but assured him I didn't really think I was pregnant.  The next day Colton and I stopped on the way home from school to purchase a pregnancy test.  I told my sister, but no one else and told her, laughingly, I'd call her in the morning if I was pregnant.  Woke up Wednesday morning and peed on the stick...a very faint line showed up!  I showed it to Josh who told me that was just where the line would be if you were pregnant (right honey, how many of these tests have you taken cause I've taken quite a few).  Needless to say, I called my sister, ordered a cute shirt for Colton to wear over the weekend to tell my parents, and took another test on Friday that had a much darker line...a line Josh had to acknowledge meant I was most definitely pregnant.
Obviously, Josh and I are both fairly intelligent people and knew what we were doing (or I guess more accurately not doing), but we were most definitely not trying to get pregnant.  I knew then that we were beyond blessed to be pregnant, but at the same time, I was honestly a little (or maybe even a lot) not thrilled...totally for selfish reasons, but I'm just being honest.
But fast forward a year and I am now 1000% confident that there is someone or something out there that we knew we needed this little boy in our lives.  Sitting next to me as I type this is a healthy, happy, sweet almost 4-month-old baby boy.  Levi is an easy baby like his brother was.  He smiles frequently, but it is such a huge smile that his whole face changes...his dimples show and his eyes brighten.  Levi giggles now and grabs at toys.  He holds my hands and gets excited to see my face or hear my voice.  He even rolls over now...a very new accomplishment.  He is growing up so fast.

Although only a few months back, the stresses of pregnancy are a distant memory. Having replaced them are happy snapshots of an amazing baby...living, interacting with his brothers (some of my personal favorites), and just perfect! It sure is amazing how much can change in a year.

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