May 1, 2012

On to the Next Room

I made myself a promise that April would be dedicated to some much-needed Spring Cleaning. While it was tough for me, that meant that my precious hours of Colton/Levi nap time have been dedicated to dejunking, organizing, and scrubbing for the past few weeks instead of tackling more fun things like projects. But April is now over (!), so I officially give myself permission to resume with the good stuff.
And what could be more fun than a good room makeover? This time, we're headed to our master bathroom, one of the only rooms that I have yet to get my hands on since moving in here a couple of years ago. One of the main reasons for that is that the bathroom is in pretty good shape.
None of the major fixtures (vanity, mirror, toilet, shower (tile, heads)) need changing. But the room does need some sprucing up, so here's what I'm thinking.
The walls need a bit of sprucing up. I think the tan color may be best with the tile/vanity colors, so I'm thinking instead of painting them, I may try my hand at stenciling for the first time (well, stenciling a wall...I did stencil some curtains successfully awhile back). I'm thinking of adding a cream version of this for a subtle, yet exciting change:
One day I hope to add some glass doors to our shower, but that's a pretty major undertaking, so it will have to wait until we have more time/money (mainly money!). For now, then, we'll just have to switch out the shower curtain. I'm really bummed because I had picked out a pretty aqua curtain from West Elm that they no longer have, so now I have to explore some other options.
I like this option from West Elm, but I don't know how that pattern would work with the pattern on the wall. Plus, it's really hard to tell what color those diamonds are:
Diamond Links Shower Curtain
Or maybe something like this from Target (of course there were a couple options there that I liked better, but they are out of stock...super!):
interDesign Lino Shower Curtain - Blue (72x72").Opens in a new window
I'm not necessarily thrilled with either option, so I'm going to keep hunting, but I'd love to go with something aqua because then my existing towels should work. If I don't have to spend money on new towels, I would love to splurge a bit on some better shelving/storage for the room. The only problem is we have a pretty tiny space (about 15 inches) space to work with. Our current option is the exact dimensions we need, but not very pretty and certainly could be sturdier (we have already had quite a few occasions where Colton almost toppled the thing). I'd love to find something like this:
Oooh, I want this ladder shelf. it would be perfect in our master bath.
And finally, I'd like to replace the cheapy tumblers/toothbrush holders we have with something more classy. I really like these from Pottery Barn (I think!)...I wish I could see the color in person first though because it's hard to tell if they're too blue or not.
Blue Beach Glass Bath Accessories
And now that the planning is done, it's time to start conquering this little makeover. Yay!

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