November 23, 2015

Check that Space Off

When I last wrote, I showed you our updated playroom. As part of the changes there, we had shifted my craft supplies into a closet thus freeing up their previous space in our laundry room/closet.Now hold your breath folks because this post is about to get really exciting! After talking about needing one for about as long as we have lived here, we finally have a second refrigerator in that space.
For years, I have loathed our kitchen refrigerator because it just does not have enough space, especially in the freezer...and especially when we are about to entertain and have extra food/beverages on hand (like for thanksgiving this week). Now that's no longer a problem! Plus, the fridge really did wonders to finish off that space and make it look clean and organized...which may be the even bigger win in my world. 
Adding to that polished look is the sliding shelving doors we added on top as well. Really this was a Josh project; I just say we because I technically had the idea! Our shelves in that room are constantly packed mainly because that's our only storage space besides the outdoor sheds. Knowing we will never keep them but so organized, we decided the only solution was to literally hide the chaos. Josh did some research and decided to install tracks on the top of the lower shelf and the bottom of the upper one. After that all we needed to do was get wood cut to size and squeeze them in. The doors simply slide back and forth so we can get to whatever we need.
Overall, I am thrilled because this space finally looks like it is a space and not just a junk closet. 

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