April 16, 2014


It always surprises me when people ask me if my two boys are twins.  With nearly two years between them, I feel like it is fairly obvious there is an age difference between the two, but it is a question I get pretty frequently!
And lately it seems the boys have started embracing the idea (even though they are unaware of the questions to begin with!). It all starts each morning when it is time to get dressed.  My diva-in-training (Levi) is going through a major phase in which he is very insistent on what he wears.  Some days it's Crocs, some days exercise pants,sometimes a white t-shirt to be like Daddy, but most days it's a character shirt, and more specifically his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (an affinity he picked up from Colton who picked it up from who knows...all of a sudden, my boys were both obsessed with TMNT and (at least to my knowledge) had never seen anything TMNT). I've learned with our strong-willed Levi that you have to choose your battles, so I go along with it for the most part.

And then it's time to get Colton dressed.  He's definitely the more easy-going of my two children, so most days I pick out his clothes, he puts them on without paying any attention to what it is, and we are off.  But if Levi is sporting his TMNT or a few other character shirts that they happen to share (Superman, Batman, etc), Colton generally insists on wearing his as well.  Again, choose your battles, right?  So frequently now, my children leave the house in matching outfits...

Obviously, I have tried buying them different shirts, but that backfired on me recently as well when Colton threw a fit that he didn't like the TMNT shirt I had gotten him and wanted the same one Levi had gotten. In one of my not-so-proud parenting moments, we headed back to Children's Place to exchange it.  And because I feel like I should justify that a bit, I should explain that Levi and I got the shirts while Colton was at his first day of soccer. He was already in tears when we got there (he has since learned to love it...thank goodness!) and became even more distraught when he noticed Levi's new shirt that he was already wearing. Let's just say, it wasn't even worth it!
I've always thought it was kind of corny to dress your kids the same, but now I guess, the joke is on me! If given the opportunity, I am usually quick to mention that I didn't choose to dress them the same, but oh well! I'll just keep repeating my mantra: choose your battles!

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