April 18, 2014


Towards the end of last summer, somehow the idea of a buzz cut for Colton came up.  Josh and I decided that since a buzz cut was a very summery do (at least here in VB where surfers abound!), we would revisit the topic towards the start of the next summer.  So now!  When the topic came up again, Colton immediately latched on to the idea and very much wanted to get a hair cut like his daddy's (although Josh doesn't really have a full-on buzz cut, but Colton seemed to think it was the same!). Despite a bit of waffling on my part...I mean, my baby has had the same hair cut his whole life!...we went ahead and did it.  And now I introduce you to the new and improved Colton Hoyte...
More for my benefit than anything, I went ahead and did a little comparison shot:
It's like the hair cut took away any last shred of baby he had in him, and now he's officially a big boy!  Combined with the fact that he's now riding a bike (with training wheels), swinging on his own, swimming, writing his letters and name independently, and many other signs of progression, it's clearly time to accept the fact that this guy is officially growing up!  Luckily, he's still pretty darn cute, undeniably sweet, and shaping up to be a fun, cool, smart big kid...not that I'm biased or anything!

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