April 1, 2014


I think all of us...or most of us anyways...will agree that this winter has been brutal!  Unbearably cold temperatures, multiple snow storms, and unrelenting ick!  And just when you think it may finally be over, the cold and the wet are back.  I, for one, am 1000% over it and waiting oh so anxiously for spring.
The good news?  After this weekend's latest plummet, temperatures for the foreseeable future are finally scheduled to be seasonable and even warm!!!  Holy crap, right?!?  I'm really, really hoping this is it.
To celebrate, I did what anyone would do...I put out our spring mantle!

First and foremost, do you notice how much better my pictures are now that I have my fancy-schmancy new camera?  I'm still definitely an amateur, but I'm loving it and am determined to figure it out completely.  
And secondly, how bout that mantle?  To me, spring is bright and happy, so I wanted to incorporate some color in our mantle.  My favorite part might just be that framed fabric that I had found last year.  The colors are not only perfect for spring, but perfect for our living room!
Like that fabric, all the other elements are from mantles past (or doors past as is the case with the wreath).  The only addition really is the "cherry blossom branches."  In case you haven't guessed, it's in quotes because they're actually just tissue paper cherry blossoms, but I'm pretty impressed with how they came out!
So weather-maker out there...I hope you get my message! My mantle is officially spring-ready, so bring on spring!

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