February 20, 2014

House Tour 2014

Wow! We moved in to this house exactly four years ago. It's crazy how time has flown, and how much has happened since we have lived here...primarily the births of both our boys! When we moved in here four years ago, we were just a couple with a dog, and now we're a full-fledged family! I'd say this house has definitely been good to us.
As we enter our next year here, though, I can't help but wonder how much longer we will call this place home.  For one, I've never really thought of this home as our forever home...just our next step of a home.  At this time next year, Colton will be about six months away from starting Kindergarten (!!!!), and I would love, love, love to get him into a different school district in hopes that he will stay there for the entirety of his schooling. With that being said, we're in a pretty good district as it is (just not the best!), and I would rather wait to move until we can get in a home that meets every wish and need we have...and to do that we have to be in a really good financial place...sooo it may be longer than a year.  We'll see!
I guess we'll continue to take the evolution of our home one step at a time. It's amazing to see how much progress we have made not only over the last year, but especially since the day we moved in! And here's to hoping there's even more progress (maybe even getting it real estate ready?!?) in the year to come. So let's begin...
Front of the house
Accomplished this year: landscape redo, front door paint, front porch accessories, new mailbox (thanks to the texting driver!), new house numbers...so a lot actually (woot woot)!
Goals: shutters, new storm door
Once in, you first get to the entryway

Accomplished: gallery wall expansion, ruffle lamp shade
Goals: new console dresser
To the right of the entryway is our dining room:

Accomplished: new buffet
Goals: lighter, brighter color scheme, new chandelier
As you continue forward, you get to our kitchen:

Accomplished: new rug
Goals: lighting fixes (need to redo some electrical and then get better fixtures)
And then again as you continue forward, you get to the living room

Accomplished: curtains, new artwork above couches
Goals: slipcovers for couches, lighter, brighter pillows
And then you could exit from there to our backyard:
Accomplished: playset, putting away all the crap in a storage shed, some landscaping
Goals: outdoor living space of some kind (concrete, patio)
And our screened-in back porch:

Accomplished: new accessories, rug painting, tv hung
Goals: seasonal clean up, new pillows, more decor
So now that we're all the way out back, let's come in and go back to the kitchen where our house splits in two directions.  To the left, we first get to the boys' bathroom
Accomplished: new rug (not that you can see it!)
Goals: possibly a total redo...it hasn't really bothered me until I saw this picture but now I'm thinking the boys need an update!
Across from that bathroom, we have Levi's room

Accomplished: big boy room!!!
Goals: official reading bench/corner, ditch the changing table (as we ditch the diapers!)
And next to Levi's room is our room

Accomplished: new end tables
Goals: new bedding
And our master bathroom:

Accomplished: nada!
Goals: new towel/storage unit
OK back to the kitchen.  Going in the opposite direction, we first get to Colton's room:

Accomplished: new curtains, stuffed animal zoo, new tee pee
Goals: add the c and the s to the zoo (they fell off!), new lighting fixture, get more effective storage
Across from that is the guest bathroom:

Accomplished: total redo!
Goals: nada...woot woot!
Beyond that is our junk yard laundry room/coat closet/storage area.

Accomplished: new washer/dryer, toy storage by back door, roman shade
Goals: yet another clean up, new paint color in laundry room
And last but not least, we have our playroom

Accomplished: created a desk nook, smaller tv, more storage
Goals: clean/organize once again, new desk chair, finish off desk nook
So there it is: the state of our house.  Honestly every time I do this little update I'm pretty amazed at just how much I get done in a year.  Can't wait to see what we're posting next year!

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