February 19, 2014

What I'm Watching

It's been awhile since I've done a tv roundup post...and not for lack of watching...so I figured today was a good day.  Per usual, my viewing is embarrassingly trashy reality dominated, so don't judge!
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Pretty much bored with these ladies and their drama.  And once again, Nene Leeks is back to annoying me (I have had a love-hate relationship with her over the years) with her thinking way too highly of herself.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Luckily, my lack of enthusiasm for the Atlanta housewives is overcome by the Beverly Hills cast. Not sure how I feel about the upcoming drama with Lisa (like maybe it's too forced or staged or something?), but in general, I have always enjoyed these girls and continue to. I am super happy to see Kim doing so well...and being so entertaining/drama free this year. Oh, and that Carlton woman is ick...don't like her!
Vanderpump Rules
So this is probably the trashiest of the trashiest, and of course, I was totally in it to win it!  The whole Stassi-Jax-Kristin-Tom thing was definitely reality drama at its best! And thank goodness that Tom-Kristin relationship is finally over because that thing was definitely a train wreck. I was pretty surprised to hear that Stassi has since left Sur...wonder what that means for a season three?
Shahs of Sunset
A huge winner in my world this year! I was slow getting on the Shahs train, but love how real these guys are.  Unlike a lot of other reality shows, I don't feel like their issues are forced or for tv which makes it infinitely more enjoyable to watch! Love that everyone made up (at least until the reunion which airs tonight after I have typed this!) and thought Reza's engagement was a really pleasant surprise!
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Honestly I really don't watch this anymore, but did catch the Kimye engagement episode.  I expected to be annoyed at the showiness, but honestly it came off as really sweet to me.  Sure it was extravagant, but it seemed to be done mostly for Kim's benefit (as opposed to the cameras) and I can totally respect that.  In that same episode, Scott Disick's mother died which was so sad to watch as he dealt with it...especially the stuff with his dad's poor eating considering I later read his dad died a few months later.  I used to think Scott was a major duche (and that's not a word I use often), but have really enjoyed him lately.  Plus, anytime someone loses a parent it's so sad!
On a side note: Bruce Jenner is totally creepy at this point.  WTF is up with him?!?
I wish I could get into them.  I really do!  I feel like it's my Patriotic duty.  We put them on each night, but instead of watching I usually get suckered into Pinterest, Facebook, and Candy Crush.  I'm pretty well versed on the results, but the Winter Olympics just don't have the same appeal for me as the Summer...anyone else?
Tonight Show
So I will probably never actually make it up to watch it, but I am uber excited that Jimmy Fallon has taken over! I watched a highlight show of his from his years on Late Night, and he is so talented, funny, and fun to watch. I've even debated recording them, but I don't know if I'll watch them that way either!  Either way, I think he will be amazing and he's certainly won me over from Letterman!

I feel like there must be more that I'm watching...like a sitcom or something...but there's not!  Gotta find one!  Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm over both the RH casts. Beverly Hills is pretty boring, and Carlton is a nutjob. Im with you on the Nene train...love and then hate her. Right now I'm not liking her at all.
    Vanderpump is definitely at the top of my list--just not sure what's going to happen now that Stassi lives in NY.
    Another show I liked was 100Days of Summer. Less bitchy drama for the most part, and the people overall seem nice, and have their crap together.
    Ive been recording the Tonight show, because I saw the highlight real of Late Night and I seriously have a crush on Jimmy Fallon now. He's amazing


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