January 30, 2014

My Apologies

I'm afraid yesterday's post may have come off a bit whiny, complainy, etc.  And now that snow has stopped here in Virginia Beach and we have survived our first snow day (though probably not our last as there is about 8-10 inches out there and this city just isn't used to that!), I have to admit today went way, way better than expected.  In fact, I may even be able to say that I enjoyed it!!!!
Amazingly enough, the boys were so well-behaved, relatively calm, and super sweet...both to each other and with us.  Sure, we watched a bit more tv than we do on a regular day around here, but who cares?!?  In fact, I had a whole mental list going of things we could do inside once they started getting crazy...and I never had to use it!!!  Josh, who even stayed home today, commented that I must be making up the chaos that I generally report to him (luckily he is here on weekends to witness it first hand, but of course, he had to claim short term memory loss on that one!).
But really, I just wanted to check in quickly to issue an apology first to my children (for doubting them) and secondly to you all (for listening to me beak and moan about something that wasn't really a big deal in the first place!).  Oh, and one more apology.  I really hadn't intended to bombard you with more pictures of my kids playing in the snow, but since they go along with this post so well...

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