January 31, 2014

DIY Ruffled Lamp Shade

So you've probably heard we were snowed in this week.  As I was confined to the many walls of this house, I began looking around at it and analyzing all the problem areas.  Uh, we need new grout in the bathroom, to touch up the paint throughout, to do some major, major reorganizing in the craft closet (again!), etc.  With most, I just saved them in a mental tally list of things to conquer...one day (maybe!), but there was one project I realized I could quickly/easily accomplish.

See the little lamp there on our console table (ignore the dreidels...the shot is from back at Hanukkah).  It's a $15 Target lamp I picked up about 4 years ago.  It's cute and all, but just a little blah, right? I figured a quick little lampshade makeover could really do this poor guy some good.
I debated a few options including some of the usual characters: covering it with fabric, painting it somehow, etc.  But then I remembered some fun ruffled lamp shades I had seen recently.  Truth be told, I'm helping a former party client with her daughter's nursery, and I had loved the idea of doing a ruffled lampshade in there.  And I figured that before I offered to do one for her that I should probably attempt one on my own first.  The results:

I think I like it!  I would probably play around with bigger ruffles next time...or even make them more vertical or even circular or something, but I do think it's a fun upgrade for our old, boring lamp.  Plus, it was incredibly easy to create with the added bonus that I had everything on hand!  I just cut some white fabric into 2-inch strips, folded them in half, and then hot glued them on to the lamp, making sure to gather them a bit as I went.  The whole project took me about an hour...perfect entertainment for a snow day!

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