January 29, 2014

Snow Day: Past and Present

As I think anyone who has young kids can attest to, my life sure has changed in just about every aspect possible over the last five years or so!  Obviously, it's only natural, right?  But one place that this change is particularly striking, at least currently, is how I feel about and approach a snow day.
As we speak, it has begun to snow in Virginia Beach.  That is remarkable enough, but forecasters keep bumping up our projected totals to numbers like 10 inches or more.  That is unheard of around here.  This city shuts down for an inch, so I can only imagine how long we will be snowed in for 10 inches!
Pre-children I would have looked forward to this snow-vacation eagerly.  As many of you know, I was a teacher, and snow days were the ultimate in excitement!  I would probably have stocked up with a few good magazines, some craft supplies for a long-neglected project, some baking supplies in case I got around to whipping something up, and wine....definitely lots of wine!  I would have absolutely relished the fact that I could lounge around the house all day (a treat I didn't usually allow myself, even then).  I would have laid in bed to watch the Today show, and then gradually attacked whatever project...or DVR show...I wanted.  I remember those days.  They were glorious.

Fast forward to my anticipation of our next few days worth of snow days.  I am absolutely dreading them!  I have stocked up, but I was not so naive to even consider the fact that I may get something done.  Instead, I have craft supplies aplenty for the boys, along with games, fort building ideas, and a promise that they can play iPad as much as they want!  I did still get some wine, but I'm thinking it will be needed more for stress relief than the savoring of a perfect day as before.  I am painfully aware that there will absolutely be no lounging around the house.  We will be here, but it won't be leisurely.  These boys are GO from the moment they wake up and without being able to get out of the house and relieve some of that energy, I know I will be putting out fires all day long.  I'm sure we will go outside some, but honestly, this snow happens to be accompanied by that bitter cold Polar Vortex air, making it very difficult for us Southerners to handle it for long!
I'm sure we will make some wonderful memories to cherish for years to come, but I am also pretty certain that I will want to pull my hair out by the time this experience is all over!  So wish us luck, keep your fingers crossed, and feel free to send wine...lots of wine!

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