December 13, 2013

Holiday House Tour 2013

As promised, I am back today to finally reveal to you our completed holiday decor.  You've barely been able to sleep I know!  So without further ado...
Let's start at the entrance.  Returning this year are our little tomato cage Christmas trees, although this year I think I finally got them right after having mismatched ones last year.  Our classic ornament wreath also returns.  I think I bought it for Josh and my first official Christmas, which makes it a whopping six years old!  And finally, we also have our little dog.  The boys, both dog lovers, picked it out last year at Home Depot, and I had to oblige.  Now they get really excited whenever we walk by it, whether it's lit up or not, so even though it may not be the prettiest element in our decor, it will probably be around for a long time!

Once you enter, to the right you will see our console table decorated with our dreidel/ornament tree.  If you remember our Hanukkah decor, you will remember the dreidels.  I wanted to keep some homage to Hanukkah up, so I just added some ornaments to the branches, switched out the vase, and called it a day.
To the left is our dining room where another old faithful, our ornament tree, is displayed on a charger from Target.  The table still totally needs a runner, but it may never get one, so...

You may also have noticed my dyed bottle brush trees peeking out on the buffet.  I already showed them to you earlier this week, but they make me happy so I'll show them to you again.
Beyond the dining room is our kitchen with a few little touches like our ribbon card displays which also hold some of our past holiday cards and Santa photos.  
In the kitchen is also our ornament advent calendar.  Both the boys have fake trees in their rooms and the idea was to have them alternate putting an ornament on their tree each day.  Well, of course I should have realized both would want to put up an ornament each day.  I can explain to Colton that it's not his turn, but Levi isn't as good at accepting that fate.  So with about 13 days to go until Christmas, we have 8 ornaments left...I guess I'll be making two advent calendars next year!
Beyond the kitchen is the living room and the pinnacle of our holiday decorating!  I must say our mantle is one of my most favorite ever.  It's bright, happy, and festive...if I don't say so myself!

The living room is also where we keep our tree.  The Jewish girl in me absolutely adores our tree.  I love the smell of it, seeing its lights at night, and just having this little piece of sentimentality on display.  It's probably one of my favorite parts of celebrating Christmas is having the tree in the house! 

I know a lot of people (well, not in real life, but on Pinterest at least...) who have perfectly color-coordinated trees, but the tree is one place where I choose to sacrifice style for meaning.  Our tree is only filled with ornaments we have collected over the years, most of which have some sort of personal significance.  I just love looking them over and seeing ones we've bought...or made like the photo cubes I've done for the boys each year
And I get really excited to add new ones I know we will cherish for years to come, like this adorable fingerprint reindeer ornament Levi made for us at school.  (He was supposed to wait to give it to us on Christmas, but didn't really understand that concept and tore open the bag as soon as he got home...)
And finally to add to the merriment in our living room, I decided to wrap our oversized frames that flank the couch.  Just for a little more holiday cheer...
So there you have it.  Our halls are officially decked, and we are officially in full-on holiday mode...and loving every second of it.  

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