December 12, 2013

Handmade Holidays Round 2: Painted Mason Jars

This week, I've been busy showing you all of my holiday DIY projects.  Well, today's is a bit of a cheat.  Because I didn't actually make these beauties for the holidays (as you can probably tell by the colors!).   At the same time that I've been busy decking our halls, I've also been splitting time with prepping for a client's rainbow themed (with a modern twist) first birthday party.  But while I painted these in pretty rainbow colors, you could do them in absolutely any color and totally use them as holiday decor.

After all, all I needed to make them was some mason jars and acrylic paint.  Just squirt adequate paint into the jar and let it drip down to the bottom.  Then lay the jar on its side (on a piece of newspaper).  The tutorial I read said to rotate the jar every ten minutes for 2 hours.  Well, I'm not that patient/precise, but I did rotate mine every so often and once I felt like the paint was as far around as I could get it, I tipped them upside down (mouth down) to attempt to coat the tops.

Truth be told, I ended up having to do a second day's worth of rotations because my paint just didn't reach a few places the first time around.  On day 2, though, I spot treated instead of using a general approach and was able to get anywhere I  missed.  Try to resist the urge to whip out a paint brush to spread the paint around because it will take away the glossy look (which I happen to think makes the jars!).

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