December 11, 2013

Handmade Holidays Round 2: Snowflake Wreath

Yesterday I kicked off my second annual handmade holidays installment by showing you my dyed bottle brush trees.
For today's reveal, I share with you my snowflake wreath.

 It all started as I got my mantel finished up.  The space, namely my cherished window mirror, was begging for some up high decoration and immediately wreath entered my mind.  But I was stuck for a few days on what kind of wreath would work in the space.  As you will see in a couple days, the mantle was already pretty bright and shiny, so something natural didn't really seem to fit, but then again I didn't really want to do an ornament one (although I love them!) because I felt like it would be too much.  I happened to have about a dozen glittered snowflake ornaments left over from some ornaments I had bought at Target...some this year and some past years.
All I needed, then, was a wreath shape which luckily I found at the Dollar Store.  I spray painted the floral foam gold quickly, and then hot glued the snowflakes on in two overlapping layers.  Most were gold, but some were silver.  We had both already incorporated in the mantle, so I figured it worked.

 And now that it is up on my window, I must say it was a good choice!  I love, love, love my little wreath and think it's such a cute addition to my "window."

Like most things I manage to accomplish, this project was so unbelievably easy and budget friendly!  It took me all of 5 minutes (plus about an hour to let the spray paint dry) and cost $1 considering I had all the snowflakes on hand!
Make sure to check back tomorrow for my next handmade holidays project.

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