August 7, 2013

Me and Heather Dubrow

As much as I can hardly believe it, summer is almost over.  Camp ends this week for the boys, and in just a few more weeks they will both be heading off to school.  Yep...both of them!!!  Colton will be going three days a week just like this year, and Levi will be going two (Mondays and Wednesdays though, so it overlaps with his brother)...which means I am about to have a whole lot more free time on my hands.
On one of the Real Housewives of Orange County episodes this year, Heather Dubrow compared her life to a puzzle, saying it was almost complete except for a piece left over for me/work, and I couldn't help but compare it to my own situation.
Obviously, I am no multi-millionaire, former actress trying to get back on the screen, BUT I am a woman who chose to take time out from my career to raise my children.  I have been happy with that choice, cherishing the moments we have shared and memories we have made.  However, as my children gain their independence slowly but surely, I know that means there is room for me to be something more than mommy again.  And while saving all that time for housekeeping, crafting, and errands sounds like fun to an extent, truth is I'm ready to start working in some capacity again.  The question, though, is just how much?  And doing what?
My career was as a teacher, but in the years since leaving that I have really enjoyed developing my party planning business.  I've been fortunate enough to end up doing about one party a month...enough to give me just enough to do and earn a bit of my own fun money.  Choice one would be to keep the party planning gig up as is, but also begin my return to the classroom by substitute teaching in the boys' schools.  In doing so, I could easily see myself becoming a full-time preschool teacher (which is really part-time work as the day ends at noon...not too shabby) one day once both boys were in school full time, especially because I would be able to get out at noon.
My other idea would likely be far more time-consuming and obviously much riskier.  Now that I am in the mommyhood trenches, I have had lots of discussions with fellow moms in the area about birthday parties.  A couple of things are clear: people are sick of the current, predictable, same ole parties available locally, but people also don't like the idea of having parties at their own homes due to all the clean up.  I really think I could solve those problems with a store front and I'm even thinking it would be pretty successful.  I love party planning and love the idea of doing more parties than I currently do, but I don't know how many more I really want to do.  They're labor-intensive and time-consuming, so do I really want to do one every weekend or even more? Not to mention the effort, costs, and risk associated with starting this new I really ready for all that?  But if I don't, I wonder if it's something I'll always wonder if I should have done or be ousted if/when someone else does it before me?
Obviously this is a choice that only I (and  my family) can make, but I am curious if anyone out there has any opinions/insight to share?  Safe path vs. take a risk? Wait a few years and see where life is or do it now?

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